African Pride’s Magical Gro Herb, 5.3 oz



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Product Description

Magical Gro Herb from African Pride is designed to help one grow their hair, strengthen and provide it luster while minimizing problems on the scalp. The product’s formula is based on an African recipe that uses the best herbs, oils and natural ingredients. It is suitable for relaxed, color-treated and natural hair, and can be applied to the hair and scalp whenever needed. Each sealed jar of African Pride’s Magical Gro Herb is 5.3 oz.

Product Details

  • We have discovered the Magical Herbal Gro Formula for you hair.
  • This ancient African recipe contains the finest visible herbs, oils and natural ingredients.
  • Each miracle ingredient helps create a strong, shiny head of hair and a healthy problem free scalp.
  • Let Magical Gro rejuvenate your relaxed, color treated or natural hair.

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African Pride’s Magical Gro Herb, 5.3 oz

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