Gold Bond’s Aloe Ultimate Body Powder, 10 oz



Manufacturer: Chattem, Inc.
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Product Description

Aloe Ultimate Body Powder from Gold Bond is designed to bring your body comfort and freshness, especially to the torso, back, arms, legs and feet. It also can keep you dry while protecting skin from chafing, while enhancing sleep comfort. The product is talc-free, has a great scent, and is enriched by Aloe and Chamomile extracts, and Vitamins A, C and E. Give this powder a try if you need odor protection and moisture control by applying generously on the body or underwear after a shower or bath or as often as necessary to keep you feeling dry, fresh and comfy all day long. For sleeping comfort, sprinkle it between the sheets. Each bottle of Gold Bond’s Aloe Ultimate Body Powder is 10 oz.

Product Details

  • Provides total body freshness and comfort: torso, back, arms, legs, feet.
  • Specially formulated to provide the ultimate in freshness,
  • odor protection and moisture control.

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Gold Bond’s Aloe Ultimate Body Powder, 10 oz

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