Alpha-Gpc Alpha Glycerophosphocholine, 300 mg (60 Caps)



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Give your brain a powerful nutritional boost for ageless memory and mental function with Swanson Ultra Alpha GPC. A nutraceutical breakthrough for cognitive performance, Alpha GPC (alpha glycerophosphocholine) is a unique form of choline that is used throughout the body to facilitate basic life processes and as a foundation for homeostasis, growth, renewal and revitalization. Regarding the brain, clinical trials demonstrate that Alpha GPC benefits attention, mental focus and recall, and other higher mental functions. It also provides valuable nutritional support for healthy muscle and kidney function. Alpha GPC is a great nutritional resource for healthy living and healthy aging.

Product Details

  • Clinically proven to help promote attention and memory
  • Aids renewal and revitalization processes
  • Unique form of choline

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Alpha-Gpc Alpha Glycerol Phosph Choline 300 mg 60 Caps

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