Upsher-Smith’s AmLactin XL Lotion, 5.6 oz



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Product Description

AmLactin XL Lotion from Upsher-Smith is designed to bring a proprietary blend of alpha-hydroxy moisturizing compounds. It is beneficial if you happen to have dry, scaly skin and itching. The product contains 12% lactic acid neutralized with ammonium hydroxide to form ammonium lactate that gives the cream its pH level of 4.5-5.5, making it a natural, effective humectant. The lotion should be applied to dry skin twice a day for maximum benefit. Upsher-Smith’s AmLactin XL Lotion comes in a 5.6 squeeze tube. Warning: Keep it out of your child’s reach, and avoid contact with the eyes, lips and mucous membranes. Stop using if irritation and sensitivity occur.

Product Details

  • Clinically proven superior to both 405% urea cream and 12%ammonium lactate lotion
  • Unique-contains Ultraplex formulation a high potency lactic acid alpha-hydroxy blend
  • economical-patients save up to 75% per gram compared to Carmol 40 Cream and Lac-Hydrin 12% Lotion
  • Manufactured by a trusted pharmaceutical company
  • 5.6 ounce bottle

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Upsher-Smith’s AmLactin XL Lotion, 5.6 oz

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