Universal Nutrition’s Animal M Stak (21 Packs)



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Product Description

Animal M Stak is formulated to bring natural flavones and sterones that act as nutrient-splitting agents which bring needed calories to lean mass instead of toward body fat deposition. The product is non-steroidal and empowered by a very strong anti-catabolic amino complex which encourages protein synthesis as well as nitrogen retention in order to ensure an internal anabolic environment that promotes the packing of muscle mass. It also helps your body cope with stresses resulting from daily life or weightlifting by reducing the levels of cortisol and other destructive, muscle-wasting catabolic agents. Give this a shot if you are a bodybuilder or strength athlete needing anabolic support.

Product Details

  • A non-steroidal supplement created to boost the anabolic drive via protein synthesis, nutrition-partitioning and nitrogen retention
  • Ideal for hard-gainers looking to add mass
  • Stacked with a mega potent anti-catabolic amino complex
  • Muscle building supplement for bodybuilders and strength athletes looking for anabolic support

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Universal Nutrition’s Animal M Stak (21 Packs)

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