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Anxiety Control 24 from Pain and Stress Center is formulated to give you amino acid support in order to help you deal with daily life’s stress and anxiety levels. It also has herbs, minerals, and other vital cofactors needed by the brain’s natural inhibitory system including Vitamin B6, Passion Flower, and Cowslip extracts. You could use it at any time of day or night. Dose for adults is two capsules, 2-3 times each day. If you are giving it to kids, give it according to their weight. Please consult your doctor for more details regarding that.

Product Details

  • Anxiety Control® is Your Natural Solution to Anxiety/Stress!
  • 24 hour a day formula U.S. Patent #5,681,578
  • Anxiety Control 24 can be used all day or at night to feed the brain’s needs created in today’s stress lifestyle.?
  • The #1 Natural Alternative for Stress and Anxiety!

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Pain and Stress Center’s Anxiety Control 24

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