Aoqili’s Seaweed Defat Soap, 5.3 oz (21 Bars)



Manufacturer: Aoqili
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Aoqili seaweed defat soap is manufactured according to the principle of traditional Chinese medicine, with many kinds of natural plants, such as seaweed. It has special function on defatting. The defatted agent contains many kinds of trace element, vitamins and minerals, which can osmosis skin, promote blood circulation and metabolism, and make subcutaneous fat got off. The soap keeps the skin tender and makes you slender.

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  • Aoqili Seaweed Soap is the easy way to a more supple, healthier looking skin and body. Simply use the all natural Aoqili Seaweed Soap as a shower soap or bath soap on a daily basis and see an improved appearance in your body and skin. Aoqili Seaweed Soap is simple and convenient to use. No fuss or hassle! If you use Aoqili Seaweed Soap daily you will be delighted with the results.
  • unique, delightfully fragrant bath soap or shower soap made from a rare,

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Aoqili – Seaweed Defat Soap 5.3 oz 21 Bar

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