Muscle Asylum Project’s Arson Supplement (120 Capsules)



Manufacturer: Muscle Asylum
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List Price: $30.99

Product Description

Arson from Muscle Asylum Project is designed to thoroughly burn fat. It contains clinically proven ingredients such as rare fat-burning compounds, and very potent blood-boiling reactive substances that have been proven to force out unwanted fat and pounds. The product also blocks adenosine and alpha-2 receptors. A powerful thermogenic process usually begins after a single oral dose. Each pack of Muscle Asylum Project’s Arson contains 120 rapid-release capsules.

Product Details

  • Patented combination of key fat-burning ingredients
  • Thermogenic
  • Process is designed to block adenosine and alpha-2 receptors

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Muscle Asylum Project’s Arson Supplement (120 Capsules)

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