Babyganics Healing Groovy Healing Ointment, 16-Ounce



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Product Description

Looking for a little protection? BabyGanics’ non-petroleum formula soothes dry, cracked and irritated skin while providing a moisture barrier to help protect against diaper rash. This value size tub is the perfect complement to any changing area…it’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it! Featuring natural plant-based ingredients, only the best will do for your baby’s sensitive skin. Add in Vitamin A, D & E and skin is healin’ n’ feelin’ groovy! Baby got a boo boo? It’s also great for use on cuts, scrapes and burns.Hypoallergenic, Fragrance Free, Pediatrician & Dermatologist TestedNO Parabens, NO Sulfates, NO Phthalates, NO Toxins

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  • Safe
  • Natural
  • Effective

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Babyganics Healin Groovy Non-Petroleum Protective Ointment, Tub, 15-Ounce

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