Appearex’s Biotin Tablets, 2.5 mg (84-Count)



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Product Description

Biotin Tablets from Appearex is designed to assist you with strengthening your nails. It also improves its overall quality. The product works by inducing healthy nail growth, smoothing brittle ridges, increasing nail strength, and producing firmer nails within 3-6 months. The main active ingredient is biotin, which was clinically shown to strengthen and improve your nail’s overall quality. Appearex’s Biotin Tablets are a safe alternative to potentially damaging nail treatments. Take one tablet a day with water. Each box of the product comes with 84 tablets. Note: Please consult a doctor first before using or administering this. Avoid if you have any allergies to any of its ingredients. Keep it away from small kids.

Product Details

  • Appearex is the #1 Dermatologist Recommended product for strengthening nails
  • Small, easy-to swallow supplement that transforms your natural nails from the inside out
  • Each tablet contains 2.5 mg of biotin, the amount clinically proven to strengthen and improve the overall quality of your nails
  • A safe alternative to harsh treatments that will damage your nails
  • Your chance to finally be free of weak and brittle nails

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Appearex’s Biotin Tablets, 2.5 mg (84-Count)

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