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Spa luxury and comfort all at the convenience of your home!

Christine James Spa & Home Comfort Collection, Proudly Made in the U.S.A. Comes with a “paint can”.

At a full 24″ long and 7″ wide, our Christine James Body Wraps provide soothing and versatile pampering and therapeutic options for your entire body. Heat them in the microwave or chill them in the freezer. Either way, the pleasant, relaxing aroma therapy benefits combine with the temperature adjusted flax seeds to create just the right home health remedy for menstrual cramps, overworked muscles, natural arthritis relief or whatever troubles you.
Alternative Arthritis Therapy & More
Looking for a product to provide alternative arthritis therapy, ease cramps and muscle pain or relieve stress and anxiety? Place the Body Wrap across your shoulders for a soothing, microwaveable neck wrap. Bundle it into a supportive pillow for your lower back. Wrap it around your knees for penetrating pain relief. Or place it on top of your pillow at bedtime for an aroma therapy experience to help you sleep and awake refreshed and stress-free.
The four separate compartments in each Body Wrap help keep the flaxseed filling evenly distributed, making them easier to position and ensuring consistent application for effective natural arthritis relief, soft tissue therapy, and other heat and cold therapies.

Heat Therapy:
Place it in microwave per attached instruction.

Cold Therapy:
Place it in a plastic bag and putting it in the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours.

Product Details

  • Microwaveable with heat therapy, cold therapy, and aroma therapy.
  • Filled with a custom blend of 9 different food-quality herbs.
  • Filling is FDA food grade approved and is free of pesticides. Cleaned according to FDA regulations for food products.
  • All Eye pillows come with Travel Packs and body wraps with “Paint Can” – Great for gift giving and travel
  • Proudly Assembled in USA

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Body Wrap Hot Cold Aroma -Blue Flannel

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