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This exclusive formula combines the benefits of acai with citrus aurantium, banaba leaf, and Citrin®. Along with a reduced calorie diet and exercise plan, the high quality extracts in Acai Slim Complex can help support your weight management goals.

Acai, the “It” Nutrient of the Decade
The natural superfood called acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is all the rage. You’ve probably heard about it too. Why all the excitement about this odd sounding berry from the Amazon? Because this small purple fruit, traditionally used to enhance energy and wellness, also contains a high amount of antioxidants to support health, well being and vitality. It’s so popular you may have even seen it at the grocery store added to yogurt, juices and other foods.

With each daily dose you get…

?Acai Dry Extract – Gives you life-supporting antioxidants. Standardized to minimum 10% Phenolic acid (50 mg).
?Citrus Aurantium – This bitter orange nutrient is known for its ability to boost metabolism. We use a special form of Advantra Z®, the only patented citrus aurantium for weight support.
?Banaba Leaf Extract – High quality extract. Standardized to a minimum 1% Corosolic acid (0.48 mg.) and minimum 25% Tannin (12 mg.).
?Garcinia Cambogia Extract – Hand-selected garcinia cambogia fruit from India. Acai Slim Complex utilizes patented Citrin®, the first all-natural standardized (-) HCA product. Standardized for 50% hydroxycitric acid.

Product Details

  • Benefits of Acai Slim Complex:
  • ?Includes “superfood” acai with three other extracts
  • ?A good addition for a healthy diet and lifestyle
  • ?Our acai extract is standardized for a minimum of 10% phenolic acid, your assurance of consistency

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Acai Slim Complex Herbal Weight Loss Supplement

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