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Bronovil Bronchitis Herbal Cough Remedy from Smartlife Labs is formulated to address bronchitis by helping soothe irritating cough and relieve pain and aches without causing drowsiness. The remedy also bolsters the immune system while preventing viruses and bacteria from attacking the lungs’ epithelial cells. Its formula is primarily comprised of clinically-proven, safe botanicals and all-natural herbs that deliver anti-inflammatory benefits, particularly extracts of the African herb Pelargonium. The product is fast-acting as it is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and works almost immediately. Most users note the first signs of relief within eight hours of usage.

Product Details

  • Helps sooth irritating coughs with clinically proven and safe botanicals.
  • Helps strengthen your immune system and helps you feel better fast.
  • Helps relieve pains and aches without feeling drowsy.
  • May help prevent viruses from attacking epithelial cells in lungs.
  • Contain all natural herbs that have powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

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Bronchitis Herbal Cough Remedy – Bronovil

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