Body Fortress’ Creatine Mix



Manufacturer: Body Fortress
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Product Description

Creatine Mix from Body Fortress is designed to speed up recovery from training, increase repetitions during lifting and insert insulin to promote more creatine uptake. The product is enhanced by rapidly digested carbohydrates, electrolytes, branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), arginine and chromium. Its formula stimulates an insulin response that enhances creatine transport into the muscle to improve strength and recovery. Benefits of the product include increase muscle size and strength, faster creatine delivery and more cell volumization. Body Fortress’ Creatine Mix does not contain yeast, wheat, milk or its derivatives, lactose, preservatives, or soy.

Product Details

  • Body Fortress Energy Drinks
  • Fruit Punch Flavor
  • Contains Protein

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Body Fortress’ Creatine Mix

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