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According to Asian traditional medical theory, soles has over 60 points, most of them are reflex areas and main venation junctions, simultaneously amount of the waste in the body gather there. Toxin congregating in the body for a long time will slow down blood circulation resulting in various sicknesses. This Dalimara Foot patch will remove harmful toxins in your body while you are sleeping naturally. Dalimara Detox pads are an excellent safe way to rid the body from these unwanted toxins. Simply by placing 1 detox pad on each foot prior to going to sleep and removing these pads 8 – 10 hours later will aid in the detoxification of your body. It’s that simple, it’s safe and used by millions of people worldwide. Changes will often be noticed in as little as one week and the results speak for themselves.

Product Details

  • All Natural detoxification while you are sleeping, increase metabolism
  • Relax muscles and tendons, promote sleep and relieve fatigue
  • Eliminate moisture, weight loss, relieves allergies
  • Replenish vital essence and support kidneys, increase blood circulation
  • Beautify the feet, cleans & decrease odour

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Dalimara Cleansing Detox Foot Pads Removes Toxins Overnight 10/box

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