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Detox Shampoo from Toxin Wash is designed to assist you with passing your hair drug test. It works by clearing out the follicles of drug residue accumulated from the root to the end of the hair shaft. The product penetrates deep into your hair strands to destroy traces of chemical deposits. You may no longer have to perm, cut or screw up your hairstyle. Each bottle of Toxin Wash’s Detox Shampoo is 4 fl oz.

Product Details

  • Masking Shampoos Can No Longer Help You Pass Hair Drug Tests. Toxin Wash hair detox shampoo is one of the strongest chemical removal formulas available today. This amazing formula penetrates deeply into hair strand to remove virtually all traces of chemical deposits.
  • You can pass your hair drug test: Toxin Wash will remove months or years of drug residue from ends to roots.
  • Effective hair detox requires a cleansing that gets deep into the hair strand, not just the surface. Toxin Wash is a strong, effective formula that penetrates deeply, which is required for complete and effective hair detoxification.

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Toxin Wash’ Detox Shampoo

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