Eddy Alluring Lip Balm Peppermint



Manufacturer: GP Deva
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List Price: $5.95

Product Description

Eddy Alluring Lip Balm from GP Deva is designed to deliver the lips a moisture and nutrient-rich formula that cools the lips while supporting the skin’s natural mechanism. The product contains plant-derived natural essential oils that are prepared in a controlled laboratory environment to preserve the extracts’ living essences. When using, merely twist the bottom to bring out the balm then apply lightly on lips. Each tube is 0.06 fl oz (1.86 g).

Product Details

  • Natural herbal formulas
  • Pure and natural essential oils extracted from plants
  • Prepared in a controlled environment laboratory to perfectly preserve the precious living essences of plant extracts
  • Formulas of perfect ratio to enhance skin’s natural mechanism
  • The best and the most natural experience

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Eddy Alluring Lip Balm (Peppermint)

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