CytoSport’s Fast Twitch Power Workout Drink Mix, 2.04 lb



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Product Description

Fast Twitch Power Workout Drink Mix from Cytosport is designed to energize fast twitch muscle fibers. The product also boosts power and speed, promotes workout muscle repair, reduces your anaerobic threshold, and drops your heart rate at any given work load. It contains phosphatidylserine to inhibit the rise of cortisol levels after workouts, and S-adenosylmethionine to support your mood and joints. Use it during workouts to keep muscle fibers going. Mix 1-3 scoops of the product in 16 oz of water, and drink 3/4ths of the bottle 30-45 minutes prior to workouts. Finish the last 1/4th bottle during the workout, and after workouts, take supplements within the hour to encourage fast recovery. Best results come if taken on an empty stomach. Make sure you drink 64 fl oz of water each day while taking the product.

Product Details

  • One 32-ounce jar of lemonade flavored workout drink mix
  • pH balanced creatine mix remains stable
  • Drink during workouts to keep muscle fibers firing harder, longer
  • Contains phosphatidylserine, which may help blunt exercise induced cortisol rise after workouts
  • Contains S-adenosylmethionine, highly regarded for enhancing mood and joint support

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CytoSport’s Fast Twitch Power Workout Drink Mix, 2.04 lb

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