Green Tea Herbal Soap (3 Packs)



Manufacturer: Earth Therapeutics
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Product Description

The Green Tea Herbal Soap is a soap that purifies and exfoliates skin and purges all sorts of toxins from a person’s body. It also protects it from damage caused by free-radical activities. The Green Tea Herbal Soap contains rice bran granules suspended in the vegetable glycerin bar. It contains anti-oxidants such as Vitamins C & E and polyphenols extracted from green tea. The result is a radiantly healthy, full of life, and youthful skin. The soap is available in pack of 3.

Product Details

  • Exfoliationg Formula
  • Rice bran granules suspended in a vegetable glicerin bar
  • Purifies and exfoliates skin
  • Anti-oxidant, vitamin C & E
  • Green tea

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Green Tea Herbal Soap – 3 pack

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