Healthy Aging Nutraceuticals’ Super Enzymes Double Action Release with Pancrelipase (100 Capsules)



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Super Enzymes has been specially formulated to focus energy on aiding digestion. There are six different categories of enzymes: hydrolases, isomerases, ligases, lysases, oxidoreductases, and transferases. Each group has its own area of expertise. The enzymes that aren’t created in the body organs such as the liver and the pancreas, are provided to us by the foods we eat. Enzymes are delicate. The ability to do their job is diminished by cooking and aging. Therefore, it’s important that every diet include fresh fruits and vegetables. Interestingly enough, most fruits and vegetables manufacture the enzyme needed to help digest them. Our stomach produces hydrochloric acid, which is used to convert pepsinogen to pepsin. Pepsin in turn is the main enzyme produced in the gastric system. Pepsin’s job is to break down proteins. As a normal part of the aging process, our body slows the production of hydrochloric acid and that in turn may cause gastric discomfort.

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Healthy Aging Nutraceuticals Super Enzymes Double Action Release With Pancrelipase 100 Capsules

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