Sendel Labs’ HGH Max with added Amino Acids



Manufacturer: Sendel Labs Nutrition USA®
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Product Description

HGH Max with added Amino Acids supplement from Sendel Labs is designed to encourage the body to produce and distribute youthful levels of HGH. Benefits include improved physical appearance because of lean muscle mass, and accelerated metabolism to breakdown fat for energy even while sleeping. It also assist with healing damaged tissues, improving damaged joints, reducing impotence, enhancing bone density, and increasing sex drive. The dose is two capsules a day. Each bottle of Sendel Labs’ HGH Max contains 60 capsules. Warning: Consult your doctor before using this. The product contains milk extracts. Do not exceed more than four capsules in any given 24-hour period.

Product Details

  • Improves physical appearance by building lean muscle mass
  • Speeds up metabolism for the breakdown of fat for energy supply even while asleep
  • Heals damaged tissue fast and improves joint damage
  • Helps reduce impotence and increases sex drive
  • Increases bone density

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Sendel Labs’ HGH Max with added Amino Acids

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