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After more than 10 years try and error with continuously improvement in her herbal clinic, Dr. Ping Zhang proudly present her fine art of traditional Chinese herbal formula which is originally used to rescue her patients’ stubborn skin discolorations and other skin imperfections. This holistic skin care cream combines cutting edge science and ancient Chinese healing wisdom to combat skin’s unsighted looks and creates true healthy rosy glow from the inside out. After one week’s use, the rough, dull and uneven-toned skin appearance will transform into a smoother and younger look with an ultra healthy glow. This inside radiated healthy glow reflects the inner balanced condition, its aliveness; vitality is totally superior to any kind of artificial makeup or cover up. The secret? It taps the root cause of dull and discolored complexion, in Chinese terms – imbalance of internal skin functions that cause stagnation in the skin layer as well as external harsh factors. Star herbs used by Dr.Ping Zhang in this formula are scientifically tested to have vital skin healing and curing nutrients that help to diminishing the appearance of skin imperfections. Fortified with other skin healing and brightening herbs, which are used by Chinese physicians for thousands of years, its synergistic effect goes beyond just beautifying the skin – it heals and revitalizes the skin via deep repair and replenishment which promote radiant complexion from the inside out.
No Parabens preservatives. No other harsh chemicals. No mineral oil or petroleum. No artificial coloring and fragrance. No animal tested.

Featured by ELLE Magazine for its star ingredient “Crushed Pearls”. Recommended by Nikki Style Magazine: “Resolutions for Your Face”.

Product Details

  • A potent blend of skin-healing herbs, ultra light, soft and non-greasy, smooth like silk cream, draws on centuries of Chinese herbal healing wisdom to revitalize the skin from inside out with its uniquely “encoded” “Natural Nutrient, Energy and Detoxification Herbal Delivery System” by Dr. Ping Zhang to renew a youthful facial contours in multiple layers and promotes a flawless radiant complexion.
  • Skin enjoys the deep care during the night restoration time from powerful natural herbal-based anti-oxidants with special processed vitamin C and nature occurred vitamin E that fight the free radicals and transform skin’s tone for a healthier radiant complexion. It firms the skin, tighten the skin pores.
  • As multi-dimensional healing cream, it repairs skin due to damages from internal and external factors, and restores skin’s vitality, smoothes, hydrates, firms the skin, tighten the skin pores, and diminishes the appearance of skin imperfections.
  • It is everybody’s dream holistic skin care cream especially when a nature, healthy and radiant complexion is desired. This holistic natural skin care cream is ideal for all skin types, from normal, dry, oily to sensitive, irritated and sun damaged skin.
  • The two most precious Chinese skin beautifying and brightening herbs-Pearls and Poira, boost skins own healing power with natural amino acids, minerals and energy. Working with other precious herbal essence extracts, they help to balance the yin and yang healing energy beneath the skin to fade the appearance of any skin imperfections, including dull, rough complexion, dark/age spots, discolorations and uneven tone while you sleep, leaving the skin with a healthy, natural rosy radiant, accentuated by an enduring glow

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Intensive Night Time Skin Brigtening Cream – An Ultimate Healthy Radiant Skin From the Inside Out with Ancient Natural Herbal Healing Miracles

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