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The Total Body Stress-Relieving Detox 3 Pc. Kit from Jadience Herbal Formulas is an herbal cleanser that combines ancient healing and modern scientific principles. In the kit are 12 patches that help relieve insomnia, headache, and muscle pain. Also available in it are 8 oz supplements designed to get rid of toxins and 16 oz bath soak. The items all contain vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant-rich East Asian herbs that boost detoxification, collagen formation, and cellular repair. Their properties also help boost energy levels, metabolism, circulation, digestion, immunity, and mental clarity.

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  • Detox Set includes: 12 patches, 8-oz. supplement and 16-oz. bath. Two-week supply
  • Restore your life-force energy, or chi
  • Herbal cleansing kit that blends ancient healing wisdom with modern science
  • The patches help alleviate insomnia, headaches and muscle pain
  • The bath revitalizes skin and helps eliminate fat

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Jadience Herbal Formulas Total Body Stress- Relieving Detox 3 Pc. Kit (Restore Your Chi)

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