Jadience Herbal’s Purifying Lotion for Troubled Skin



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Purifying Lotion for Troubled Skin from Jadience Herbal is formulated to expel embedded impurities and toxins to decongest skin. The product delivers purifying ingredients that detoxify and restore the oil glands’ balance to allow it to manufacture the right amounts of natural skin moisturizer. Other benefits include relief from acne and blemishes, calming inflammation and bringing in oxygenating properties to encourage the proliferation of skin cells needed in making your complexion toned, glowing and youthful. Ingredients of the product include Astragalus, Mulberry, Licorice root, Artemesia leaf, Aloe Vera, Mulberry, Green Tea, Ginseng and Angelica root extracts.

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Jadience Purifying Lotion for Troubled Skin

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