Nisim’s Kalo Hair Inhibitor Spray, 4 oz



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Kalo Hair inhibitor Spray from Nisim is formulated to forever prevent the regrowth of unwanted hair. It works in the follicle by neutralizing important elements needed for hair growth without damaging skin tissue or causing irritation. The results come gradually and each time you remove hair and use Kalo, 10-15% of the hair would never grow back, and the remainder of the hair that grows back will be weaker, finer and less visible. Up to 50% of all undesirable hair would be gone within six months. Nisim’s Kalo Hair Inhibitor Spray comes in a 4 oz bottle. Note: The product is more effective if you physically remove unwanted hair in a way that removes the hair shaft and bulb without wrecking the hair, and leaving the follicle open; methods best accomplished by waxing, sugaring, tweezing, or the use of Emjoi Optima.

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  • Permanent Hair Remover

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Nisim’s Kalo Hair Inhibitor Spray, 4 oz

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