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Manufacturer: Laboratoire du Haute-Segala
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Of all the senses, human touch, the language of the skin is most universal and particularly important in the first months of the life. From birth, the baby’s skin is very receptive to touch. The bath, the exchange, the caresses, the massage of your infant creates magical moments of contentment and happiness. The skin is not only a conduit to this privileged dialogue but also its protective barrier which guards its tiny body against external aggressions.

Lait Douceur Bebe is gentle body milk that keeps your baby’s skin soft and velvety without leaving an oily film. It contains the herbal Burnet which is skin soothing and nutritive. It also is blended with cold-pressed organic shea butter, which is highly moisturizing and easily penetrates the skin. Complementing these key active ingredients are virgin first pressed apricot oil (the richest and most desirable of the extract), virgin cold pressed sunflower oils, and refreshing orange flower water. It envelops your baby in a protective cocoon of hydrating and healing softness.

The extract of Burnet, used in ancient traditional healing, helps to relieve irritations, stimulate the circulation and tighten the pores. It is obtained from the roots of the Burnet plant, which contain tanning, essential plant oils, and Vitamin C. Burnet has been used for centuries to help heal wounds, treat eczema, and relieve and calm sunburn. An edible plant, its leaves have been used in salads and to flavor vinegar.

Product Details

  • Made With Organic Ingredients and Organic Herbal Extracts For Sensitive Baby Skin
  • Contains High Quality Cold Pressed Vegetable Oils – Non-Greasy and Absorb Quickly
  • Provides a protective layer of natural antioxidants that help shield skin from environmental factors
  • No Artificial Preservatives (No Parabens!), Certified Vegan, Cruelty-Free
  • For babies, kids and sensitive adults

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Lait Douceur Bebe – Natural Baby Gentle Care Lotion

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