Vitranuticals’ Lipo 10 Supplements, 60 Capsules (Pack of 3)



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Lipo 10 supplements from Vitranuticals are designed to assist one with weight loss goals through herbal and thermogenic means. The product burns fat, boosts metabolism, brings in high energy levels and sustains lean muscle tissue. Anyone who is dieting, working out or in need of extra energy levels should check this product out. Each bottle of Vitranuticals’ Lipo 10 supplements contains 60 capsules. Warning: Do not use this if you are under 18.

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  • Lipo 10 – 90 Capsules Hardcore Thermogenic Fat Burner Weight Loss Diet Pills – 3 Pack

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Vitranuticals’ Lipo 10 Supplements, 60 Capsules (Pack of 3)

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