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Radically reduces bodyfat through fat oxidation
? Prevents the storage of fat by inhibiting lipogenic (fat storing) gene expression of several different fat storing enzymes
? Provides powerful anti-oxidant properties Supports healthy cholesterol levels
? Supports healthy liver and kidney function Increases insulin sensitivity and acts as a nutrient partitioner
? Promotes anti-inflammatory effects
? Stacks well with Scorch, PUFA’s, Flax lignans, and bioisomer-specific CLA for more dramatic and effective bodyfat reducing and health promoting properties.

High Definition, Health Formula with BIG-FISH and Sesamin Lignans

Vaporize represents a sensation so remarkable you have to experience it to believe it. Comprised of a revolutionary nutritional breakthrough; sesamin, a gift found in the husks of sesame seeds and in the bark and fruit of certain plant species.

Vaporize sets free a body fat reducing phenomenon so extraordinary it defies description! Recognized as a lignan, sesamin found in Vaporize from MAN Sports, also supports liver and kidney health, supports healthy cholesterol levels and posses potent Antioxidant activity by increasing the absorption, use and recycling of Vitamin E.

Its tremendous fat oxidizing phenomenon is believed to be attributed to augmenting the release of potent thermogenic enzymes through optimized liver function. Fascinatingly more, sesamin’s potent fat and health promoting effects are further amplified when used in conjunction with essential fatty acids.

And that is why Vaporize also integrates BIG-FISH, a potent 50% EPA/DHA fish oil matrix. As a premium source of EFA’s, BIG-FISH, works in tandem with sesamin in Vaporize to initiate a fat incinerating and health promoting supplement unlike anything ever created!

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