Muscletech’s Nitro Tech Hardcore Pro Series, 4 lb



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Product Description

Nitro Tech Hardcore Pro Series from Muscletech is designed to bring you an improved version of whey protein. The product boosts the muscles and strength of its users. Its formula contains Leucine and BCAAs, and has been shown in various tests that it leaves its test subjects with 73% more lean muscle mass and twice the strength when compared with normal whey protein users. The great testing supplement comes in a 4 lb container.

Product Details

  • Test Subjects Gained 73% More Lean Muscle Than Whey Protein Users
  • Core Ingredients Scientifically Shown to Be Dramatically Superior to Whey Protein
  • Test Subjects Gained More Than Double the Strength Compared to Whey Protein Users
  • Delivers 11 grams of Leucine and 13 grams of Additional BCAAs

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Muscletech’s Nitro Tech Hardcore Pro Series, 4 lb

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