Twinlab’s Na-PCA Non-Oily Gel with Aloe Vera, 8 oz (Pack of 6)



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Na-PCA Non-oily w/ Aloe Vera gel from Twinlab is designed to serve as a natural moisturizing factor for human skin. It works by helping the skin retain moisture to help give it moisture, a soft and supple texture and a youthful glow. The product is primarily comprised of glutamic acid-derived Na-PCA and Aloe Vera extracts. The formula is non-oily, water-based, hypoallergenic and works on dry and cracked skin, burns, shaving irritations, detergent rash and other minor skin irritations. When using, spray this on the hands and apply to the face and other skin areas. It could be applied under makeup or skin cream, or under shaving cream to promote a closer, non-irritating, smooth shave. Each spray bottle of Twinlab’s Na-PCA product is 8 oz (237 ml).

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  • MULTI VALUE 6-PACK! You are buying SIX of Na-PCA Non-oily w/ Aloe Vera – 8 oz
  • Non OilyThe Natural Moisturizing Factor In Human Skin.
  • Na-PCA With Aloe Vera
  • Quantity: MULTI VALUE PACK! You are buying Description: NA-PCA W/ALOE VERA Unit Size: 8 OZ Brand: TWINLAB

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Twinlab’s Na-PCA Non-Oily Gel with Aloe Vera, 8 oz (Pack of 6)

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