Olivia Herb Bleach for Face, Arms and Body, 25 g (Pack of 2)



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Direction for use ? Take one spatula (spoon) of activator and four spatula of creme. Maintain the same proportion of 1:4 for larger/lesser quantities of bleach as required. ? Mix thoroughly for 2 minutes. Remember, crystals of powder should completely dissolve in the creme. Tightly shut the powder activator bottle after use. ? Wash the area to be bleached with cold water, and dry normally. ? Apply the mixture in the opposite direction of hair, covering hair completely. ? Avoid application of bleach around the eyes (eyebrows, eyelids etc.) ? Remove after 15 minutes and wash with cold water. If not bleached fully, reapply the mixture for another 10 minutes.

Product Details

  • It not only bleaches the skin.
  • Also nourishes it with the goodness of nature’s wonders like Haldi, Chandan, Nimbu & Aloe Vera.
  • While Haldi protects the skin from inflammation and works as an anti-oxidant,
  • Nimbu acts as an effective antiseptic.
  • Aloe Vera adds life to the skin and Chandan soothes and adds glow to it

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Olivia Herb Bleach for Face, Arms and Body 25g (Pack of 2)

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