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Everything you eat, drink, or handle could be inviting unwanted guests to set up home in YOUR body. Harmful organisms affect BILLIONS of people. It’s est more than 150 million Americans may have parasite invaders! Signs that your internal environment is RIPE to receive unwanted invaders include lack of appetite, poor vision, itchy rectum, fatigue, intestinal malfunction, foul breath, bloating, yellow skin, sleep problems, poor memory, irritability, unexplained weight gain, and skin problems among others! What causes unwanted invasion of the body?
Environmental toxins, under cooked meat, fish or poultry, contaminated water, poor hygiene, improperly washed fruits and vegetables! Since most harmful organisms entrench themselves in the digestive system it makes sense to create an environment that’s NOT friendly to invaders. Paratrex’s formula is designed to help promote the cleansing, detoxification, and flushing of your entire intestinal tract. Paratrex combines nine all-natural ingredients proven to promote intestinal health and create a harsh environment for parasites. An est 90% of the population may be host to some form of harmful parasite! These intruders feed off the host, depriving them of vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids, altering pH levels, and decreasing energy levels. Paratrex aids the body in creating an inhospitable environment for invading organisms. Once a person’s infested, it’s not difficult to eliminate the adult organisms. The complication lies in dealing with the complete life cycle of these intruders (~6 weeks). Harmful organisms may be present in food or water and are more frequently being identified as causes of food-borne illness. The illnesses they cause can range from mild discomfort to debilitating illness. Paratrex is one of the most powerful aids in helping the body fight against an invasion of harmful organisms using wildcrafted herbs traditionally known to aid the body in producing an environment unwelcoming to unwanted invaders.

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  • 60 Day 100% Money Back Gaurantee!
  • Formulated by a doctor and 11 leading natural health specialists!
  • Helps establish a hostile environment for invading organisms! Paratrex┬« helps flush your system clean!
  • It’s Estimated Over 150 Million Americans May Have Some Form of Harmful Organism Living in Their Body and Don’t Even Know It!
  • Signs you may have parasties – lack of appetite, poor vision, itchy rectum, fatigue, intestinal malfunction, foul breath, bloating, yellow skin, insomnia, poor memory, irritability, unexplained weight gain, skin problems, gas, food cravings, mild headaches, anemia, candidiasis, and rashes!

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Paratrex 100% Organic Parasite Cleanse! 2-Pack – $28.49 Each!

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