Pro Fight’s Diraxatone Extreme (100 Capsules)



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Product Description

Diraxatone Extreme from Pro-Fight is designed to combat bloating while reducing excess water retention. The product is useful in toning and defining the body, detoxifying and tightening the skin, and removing extra abdomen fat. The main ingredient of the product is a proprietary blend of Corn, Silk, Green Tea, Uva Ursi, Milk Thistle, Dandelion and Astragalus Powder. When using, take one capsule twice a day with a meal and a full glass of water or as instructed by a doctor. Each bottle of Pro Fight’s Diraxtone Extreme contains 100 capsules. Warning: This should only be used occasionally.

Product Details

  • Helps increase body tone and definition
  • Aids in getting rid of extra abdomen fat
  • Relieves bloating and reduces excess water retention
  • Detoxifies and tightens skin
  • US Manufactured, FDA Inspected Facility

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Pro Fight’s Diraxatone Extreme (100 Capsules)

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