Pro Fight’s Tribulus Terrestris Testosterone Enhancer (60 Capsules)



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Product Description

Tribulus Terrestris Testosterone Enhancer from Pro Fight is a dietary supplement designed to boost testosterone levels and increase muscle growth. The product also lessens body fat and boosts stamina and increases healthy hormone function plus libido for people of both genders. It is designed to be an alternative to anabolic steroids and is primarily comprised of top-quality tribulus terrestris extract. When using, take one capsule twice a day with a full glass of water or as instructed by a doctor. Be careful to not exceed two capsules during an 8 hour period. Each bottle of Pro Fight’s Tribulus Terrestris dietary supplement contains 60 capsules.

Product Details

  • Increase testosterone levels and accelerate muscle growth
  • Reduce body fat and increase stamina
  • Promote healthy hormone function
  • Increase sex drive in men and women
  • US Manufactured, FDA Inspected Facility

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Pro Fight’s Tribulus Terrestris Testosterone Enhancer (60 Capsules)

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