Integrative Therapeutics’ Resveratrol Supplement (60-Count)



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Resveratrol Ultra anti-aging formula Grape skins are a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to support cells by reducing oxidative stress. How does red wine benefit your health? It provides amazing anti-aging benefits.For years, drinking red wine has been touted as a superior way to increase healthy antioxidants in the body. This is because red wine contains resveratrol, which activates a longevity enzyme to help slow the pace of aging. Why Resveratrol Ultra? It’s a high-potency formula that concentrates the power of resveratrol: Resveratrol Ultra is strong – it contains up to 8 times more trans-resveratrol than other products on the market! This high-potency rejuvenation formula activates the longevity enzyme, boosts antioxidants and enhances heart health.It’s better absorbed for better protection: Resveratrol Ultra contains 100% pure trans-resveratrol, the most absorbable form of resveratrol. Better absorption means optimal anti-aging benefits!

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  • It provides amazing anti-aging benefits.
  • It’s a high-potency formula that concentrates the power of resveratrol
  • It’s better absorbed for better protection.

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Integrative Therapeutics’ Resveratrol Supplement (60-Count)

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