Vitol’s Russian Bear 5000 Supplement, 4 lb



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Product Description

Russian Bear 5000 supplement from Vitol is designed to allow for rapid anabolic growth in your body. It helps you gain weight without increasing the amount of fat in your body. The supplement also prevents muscle glycogen from being used during normal activities to ensure more energy for muscle tissue during hard training sessions and recovery. The product contains plenty of calories, protein, non-fat milk solids, egg white, MCTs, anabolics, and more. There are no preservatives and artificial sweeteners in its natural formula. Mix a serving with one gallon of whole milk and drink throughout the day. Take note that small drinks might be better and can be spread out over 1-4 days. Drink whenever you need it including half an hour before bedtime. Each container is 4 lbs.

Product Details

  • Serving Size – 5 scoops
  • Does Not Contain: Preservatives, artificial sweeteners, fat.

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Vitol’s Russian Bear 5000 Supplement, 4 lb

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