Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals’ Seroprin 24 (90 Tablets)



Manufacturer: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals
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Product Description

Seroprin 24 product from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is designed to assist you with occasional nervous tension or irritability. The product also helps you with nervousness coming from fatigue and overwork, relieves away tension, boosts relaxation, and promotes better moods. It works for both men and women, and contains components that work throughout the day to accomplish the abovementioned objectives. Each bottle of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals’ Seroprin 24 supplement contains 90 tablets.

Product Details

  • While many competitors rely on single entity herbs or prescriptions to actually try to beat the blues, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has finally developed Seroprin-24
  • Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals’ Seroprin 24 (90 Tablets)

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