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IQ150 is the world’s finest combination of all natural ingredients created with the
latest scientific evidence from the most up to date scientific papers on brain
health to offer enhanced memory, clarity and retention.
It is increasingly recognized that a gradual loss of nerve cells and connections
occurs at a relatively young age in childhood and that this continues through our
adult life, so that by the time we are around 60 years of age cumulative effects can be quite noticeable and sometimes even embarrassing.

This is the reason why, for many people in their 60’s and older, even 50’s
sometimes, retention, recall and clarity are not what they were when they were
younger. For this reason the SomaLife Scientific Advisory Team formulated
SomaLife IQ150 to assist with brain health. The constituents, which are described
in more detail in the Science and Research section of the product, have been
selected to offer optimal brain health support as well as the opportunity for
improved clarity, retention and recall. The latest science has been incorporated
into the product which is a unique combination of traditional brain health
supporters and antioxidants as well as newer ingredients which have been demonstrated recently to assist as described on the corporate website.

How does IQ150 work?
IQ150 provides essential antioxidants and
phytonutrients to the brain as well as other natural products that encourage the
optimization of neuro transmitters. Neuro
transmitters are those specific brain chemicals that play a major role in brain function in transmitting messages from cell to cell.

Product Details

  • For the evolution of your mind ®
  • All Natural 100% Organic Ingredients
  • Maximize Healthy Cell Regeneration
  • Better Memory – Increased Clarity of Thought – Improved Circulation
  • Enhanced Cognitive Functions – Heightened Awareness

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IQ150 Brain Fuel – Now with CognizinTM

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