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Sooryehan Hyo Fermented Essence helps provide good defense against aging. It has the moisturizing essence contains a translucent and shimmering syrupy texture which penetrates the skin with one application to leave it moist and smooth. The product delivers a new fermentation method which completely supplements and cares for skin chronically lacking from deficiencies of key properties. The essence contains ingredients such as Ginseng, Foxglove, Pleuropterus multiflorus and Polygonatum falcatum.

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  • Sooryehan Hyo introduces a new fermentation method (goo-jeung-goo-po:nine cycles of steaming and drying) to completely supplement both yin and yang to care for the skin that chronically suffers from deficiencies of key properties.
  • Goohyodan was created by applying the Oriental herbal-medicine’s fermentation method of steaming and drying four key herbal ingredients (ginseng, foxglove [Reh-mannia glutinosa], Pleuropterus multiflorus, Polygonatum falcatum).
  • Provides excellent defense against aging and leaves skin moist and firm to present the ultimate beauty that successfully erases years away from your skin.
  • Fermented ginseng, foxglove, Pleuropterus multiflorus, and Polygonatum falcatum supplement the drastic decline of yin and blood with the onset of aging.
  • Goohyodan is Sooryehan’s secret fermentation method for skin regeneration.

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Sooryehan Hyo Fermented Essence

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