Suave Naturals’ Tropical Coconut Shampoo, 22.5 oz



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Product Description

Tropical Coconut Shampoo from Suave Naturals is formulated to moisturize and replenish dry and damaged hair. The product also enters into every strand to restore shine and condition to keep your hair healthy looking. The product contains a formula made of botanical and natural ingredients, plus Tropical Coconut fragrance. Massage it onto wet hair and scalp, then rinse it well. For maximum results, use conditioner after. Each bottle of Suave Naturals’ Tropical Coconut Shampoo is 22.5 oz.

Product Details

  • Economy Size
  • Bottle coded for recycling. Check if facilities exist.
  • Naturally moisturizes and replenishes dry or damaged hair

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Suave Naturals’ Tropical Coconut Shampoo, 22.5 oz

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