Twinlab’s Super Gainers Fuel Chocolate, 10.3-Pound



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Product Description

Super Gainers Fuel dietary supplement from Twinlab is designed to increase muscle building and muscle mass by increasing muscle protein synthesis and preventing the breakdown of muscle proteins without causing an upset stomach. The product’s formula is one that is muscle cell volumizing and contains carbohydrates, protein, branched chain amino acids, glutamine, alpha-ketoglutarate and carbohydrates that provide a cellular hydration state for muscles and a hormonal environment during recovery that encourages protein synthesis and muscle growth. Ingredients of the product include high-quality milk and egg products. When using, take 1 serving a day within an hour of very intense exercise. Put 4 level scoops to 24 fl oz of non-fat milk or 24 fl oz of water then mix it in a blender with crushed ice then serve it. For maximum benefit, combine the product with resistance exercise or weight training. Warning: While the product is approved for lactose intolerant people, it should not be used by minors. Diabetics should only use this under doctor supervision due to the presence of insulin sensitivity-increasing chromium picolinate.

Product Details

  • 10 Powders
  • Serving Size: 4 scoops

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Twinlab’s Super Gainers Fuel Chocolate, 10.3-Pound

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