Ultimate Nutrition’s Yohimbe Bark Extract, 800 mg (100-Count)



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Yohimbe Bark Extract supplement from Ultimate Nutrition is designed to bring the benefits of Yohimbe Bark Extracts to you. It can help stimulate the central nervous system, hence making them good for athletes trying to increase energy levels for better workouts. The product is packed under comprehensive quality control to maintain potency and freshness. When using, take one tablet a day with a meal and do not exceed that. Ultimate Nutrition’s Yohimbe Bark Extract supplement comes in the form of 800 mg tablets, packed in bottles containing 100 of such each. Caution: Store at 15-30C (59-86F) temperatures and protect from light, heat and moisture.

Product Details

  • Yohimbe is an herb with well documented stimulatory potential, particularly on the central nervous system
  • Yohimbe has been used by athletes to enhance energy for workouts
  • Packaged under extensive quality controls to insure maximum potency and freshness

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Ultimate Nutrition’s Yohimbe Bark Extract, 800 mg (100-Count)

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