Twinlabs’ Ultra Fuel Powder, 52.8 oz



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Ultra Fuel Powder from Twinlabs is designed to deliver you with a superior carbohydrate profile and carbohydrate and energy metabolizers that optimize replacing glycogen in muscles, extend endurance, speed recovery, and boost overall training performance. The premium carbs come in the form of glucose polymers, the ultimate complex carbohydrate. It is for people needing to supplement their diet, exercise routines, sports, weightlifting, cycling, running, strength training, conditioning, and general well-being. Each bottle of Twinlabs’ Ultra Fuel Powder is 52.8 oz. Note: Not suitable for kids.

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  • TWINLAB Ultra Fuel Powder Orange 52.8 OZ

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Twinlabs’ Ultra Fuel Powder, 52.8 oz

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