Ancient Minerals’ Ultra Pure Magnesium Oil, 8 oz



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Ultra Pure Magnesium Oil from Ancient Minerals is designed to revitalize magnesium levels in your cells, protect them and encourage detoxification. It also relieves aches and pains, enhances your mood, alleviates stress and promotes healthy skin tissue. The product could be applied directly on the skin by rubbing it or using it as massage oil, added to a warm bath, or used as a foot soak. Magnesium oil actually isn’t oil but rather the term that comes from water with a high saturation of magnesium chloride which in itself has an oily texture, and is extracted from the ancient Zechstein Seabed of Europe at a depth of 1600-2000 meters. Each spray bottle of Ancient Minerals’ Ultra Pure Magnesium Oil is 8 oz.

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  • ultra pure magnesium oil
  • pure magnesium oil
  • magnesium oil
  • ancient minerals ultra pure magnesium oil

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Ancient Minerals’ Ultra Pure Magnesium Oil, 8 oz

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