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Breast Enhancement Natural Breast Enlargement Cream from Venus Naturals is designed to assist in shaping, toning, firming and growing breast tissue. It has a safe, natural aromatherapy formula which is light, not greasy, easily absorbed and appropriate even for delicate skin. Ingredients of the product include therapeutic-grade essential oils and potent, naturally-sourced herbal extracts that not only do the above but also can stop stretch marks, soften and thwart the aging and drying out of skin. The product does its work by reactivating natural female hormone receptors in a woman’s breast that bring about the growth of new tissue. Results usually manifest itself within a few weeks. The formula has a mild, natural fragrance and does not contain paraben, sulfate, and synthetic and animal ingredients. Venus Naturals’ Breast Enhancement Natural Breast Enlargement Cream comes in a 4 oz sealed jar.

Product Details

  • safe, all natural aromatherapy formula for breast enlargement, firming and toning
  • light, non-greasy, absorbs quickly and is compatible with sensitive skin
  • includes link to correct massage techniques and bust exercise program
  • contains therapeutic grade essential oils and hi-potency herbal extracts
  • paraben and sulfate free, no synthetic or animal ingredients, mild natural fragrance

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Venus Breast Enhance Natural Breast Enlargement Cream 4oz Jar 4-6 Weeks Supply

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