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Cholesterol Blocker 180 Supports healthy cholesterol levels Where the Problem Lies If one eats any animal product (e.g. meat, cheese, butter), one will encounter oxidized cholesterol. Meat cannot be held in a butcher case, cooked, canned or processed in any way without oxidizing cholesterol. Milk cannot be pasteurized nor cheese allowed to age without forming oxidized cholesterol. Cholesterol is part of each muscle cell wall and is found in all animal fats. Leanness is not the issue. The highest cholesterol food listed in USDA Handbooks is turkey. It is just the nature of the beast that it contains more cholesterol in its cell membranes than most other animals. Stop It Cold! Ingredients in Cholesterol blocker inhibit the absorption of dietary cholesterol form the gastrointestinal tract. Easy to Use Cholesterol Blocker should be taken with a meal to permit plant sterols to mix with dietary cholesterol. Tastes good: Cholesterol Blocker wafers are pleasant, vanilla flavored chewables. Meets and beats cholesterol on a one-to-one basis. Each milligram of plant sterols ingested with cholesterol can block one milligram of cholesterol. Each Cholesterol Blocker wafer can halt the absorption of 500 mg. of cholesterol. Usage One or two wafers at each meal, depending on what is eaten, could stop the absorption of most of the cholesterol passing through the intestines each day. “Cholesterol Blocker” works synergistically with aspirin, Vitamin E, omega-3 fish oils and fibrinolytic enzymes such as nattokinase enzyme to support cardiovascular health. Effective dosages of policosanol range from 10 to 40 mg. per day, and those of plant sterols range from 300 to 3,000 mg per day according to human clinical trials conducted from 1955 forward.

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  • Helps to maontain healthy cholesterol level.
  • It is a herbal product.
  • It is a dietary supplement.

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Vibrant Health Cholesterol Blocker, Chewable Vanilla Wafers, 180-Count

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