Vitabase’s Aciddophilus (100 Capsules)



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Product Description

Acidophilus dietary supplement from Vitabase is designed to assist in fighting gas, bloating, toxicity and constipation. The product delivers 500 million effective and beneficial Acidophilus and L Burglaricus in each capsule and they help counteract the effects of antibiotics on friendly bacteria, combat bad breath and the overgrowth of candida, increase the absorption of nutrients and could possibly assist people with lactase intolerance. Each bottle of Vitabase’ Acidophilus dietary supplement contains 100 capsules.

Product Details

  • Battles gas, bloating, toxicity and constipation.
  • Maintains intestinal health by restoring beneficial bacteria to the body.
  • Counteracts the effect of antibiotics on good bacteria. Helps with bad breath.
  • Enhances the absorption of nutrients. May combat overgrowth of candida.
  • May aid individuals with lactase intolerance.

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Vitabase’s Aciddophilus (100 Capsules)

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