VPX’s Ultra Pure Glutamine Powder, 700 g (155 Servings)



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Product Description

Ultra Pure Glutamine Powder from VPX is formulated to bring you pharmaceutical-grade l-glutamine, an essential amino acid vital for overall health, sports and building and maintaining muscle. Benefits of the product include improving nitrogen retention and the prevention of muscle loss and immune system downregulation. It also improves testosterone-to-cortisol ratios to boost muscle mass, increase muscle building by increase muscle cell volume, boost the levels of growth hormones and sustain integrity of the intestines. The need for l-glutamine increases greatly during stressful periods such as fasting, injury, sickness or heavy sports training. Each jug of VPX’s Ultra Pure Glutamine Powder is 700 grams and one teaspoon of the product can be placed in 8 oz of water or your favorite drink. With regards to specific usage, the powder can be taken on an empty stomach before sleeping to boost growth hormone output. For those working out, it should always be used about 30 minutes following a heavy workout.

Product Details

  • Pharmaceutical grade l-glutamine
  • Highest quality of glutamine
  • Mix one teaspoon of ultra pure glutamine with 8oz of water or your favorite beverage
  • This supplement can also be taken on an empty stomach prior to retiring to significantly increase growth hormone output
  • The ultra pure glutamine/zero impact mrp supplement strategy should always be utilized 30 minutes following an intense workout

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VPX’s Ultra Pure Glutamine Powder, 700 g (155 Servings)

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