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Product Description

Ultra Preventive® X, provided by Douglas Laboratories®, is a comprehensive, highly concentrated vitamin-mineral-trace element daily supplement containing more than 50 nutritional ingredients, all in a special herbal green food base. Its formula is carefully balanced to provide the essential nutrients for optimal health. Ultra Preventive® X is also a potent antioxidant formula that includes natural beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, L-cysteine/N-acetyl-L-cysteine, lutein, lycopene, red wine proanthocyanidins and select extracts and powders from over 25 fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Product Details

  • Ultra Preventive® X now contains Metafolin
  • 1,000 IU of vitamin D3 per serving.
  • Contains the right proportions of vitamins,minerals and other nutrients
  • Ultra Preventive® X’s herbal green food base also include important phytonutrients
  • useful dietary supplemt for those who wish to consume the essential nutrients for health

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Douglas Labs – Ultra Preventive X 240 Tabs

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